Including a new UltraVNC version with ChunkVNC 3.3.1

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Including a new UltraVNC version with ChunkVNC 3.3.1

Postby Heinzi » 2014-10-01 15:38

I tried to add a more recent version of UltraVNC to ChunkVNC 3.3.1 to fix the secondary-monitor-on-the-left bug, but the compiler kept stopping at the UltraVNC configuration page. Apparently, there's some incompatibility configuring the SecureVNCPlugin by remote-controlling the configuration window.

I managed to get it to work, though, and I'd like to share it so that you can either
  • profit from it or
  • warn me if I'm doing something that is terribly wrong.

The trick is to
  • first compile 3.3.1 as before with the old version of winvnc.exe intact. This causes ultravnc.ini to be configured correctly. Ignore the resulting InstantSupport.exe, we will create another one shortly.
  • Replace winvnc.exe in SRC\InstantSupport_Files with the version you want included (I used
  • Repackage everything by creating a subfolder Compiled (parallel to SRC) and executing the following in a command line in the directory directly above SRC:
    Code: Select all
    src\Aut2Exe\Aut2exe.exe /in src\InstantSupport.au3 /out Compiled\InstantSupport.exe /icon src\InstantSupport_Files\icon1.ico

After that, you have an InstantSupport.exe in your Compiled subdirectory. Don't forget to update vncviewer.exe in Viewer\bin as well.

Best regards
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Re: Including a new UltraVNC version with ChunkVNC 3.3.1

Postby Krong » 2014-10-14 06:38

Thanks Heinzi, Your trick helped me!
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