SecureVNC v2.3 released

SecureVNC v2.3 released

Postby adzm » 2010-11-09 03:06

Those of you using the 1.0.9.x betas are the ones who will benefit from my changes most, since I've basically abandoned the inflexible legacy interface for the integrated interface developed initially for my special builds and merged into the 1.0.9.x releases.

Notable changes are faster connections due to performance improvements, AES in CFB mode of operation, and 3AES for those of you who are paranoid! See the website for more info and discuss on the forum or email me for any feedback, comments, questions, problems, etc.

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SecureVNC plugin release v2.3 - performance and new ciphers

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Re: SecureVNC v2.3 released

Postby scorp » 2010-11-09 19:40

Nice.. thanks for the update :)
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Re: SecureVNC v2.3 released

Postby redge » 2010-11-09 21:43

perfect work securevnc
only one think make me still annoying, winvnc

winvnc systray, close VNC connections won't really restart well vnc server,
so there no dynamic update for set and use securevnc asap, still need full stop uvnc_service, start uvnc_service then securevncplugin, then is really ready to use without strange false message like no password as been set or winvnc running as application ... etc.
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