Ultra VNC on Windows 7

Ultra VNC on Windows 7

Postby Himanwish » 2010-11-25 05:30

Hi guys,

I installed version on a windows 7 professional laptop. I'm trying to access the laptop via VNC viewer which is installed on my XP computer. But it connects for a second and then the display goes away from the XP computer (VNC viewer shuts itself down). Also I get a message "color scheme has been changed to windows 7 basic" on the laptop when VNC connects for the first time.

I can't get the laptop screen to the desktop yet and I tried few things but no luck. please help me!!
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Re: Ultra VNC on Windows 7

Postby redge » 2010-11-26 21:59

UltraVNC (built 20110518)
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Re: Ultra VNC on Windows 7

Postby mishagogo » 2012-08-23 06:21

Just a tip for anyone else. You can turn off notifications by clicking the "settings" icon in the upper right hand corner.
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