Release 1095 (stable)

Release 1095 (stable)

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2010-11-26 12:49

** v1.0.9.5 Release
+Server optimized, faster.
*bug fix rfb3.7 server and noauth
+move to zlib 125 with asm
+cad now use sas.dll from ms instead of cad.exe ( Vista)

** v1. Release


-uvnc close as last application, on reboot
-reboot in safe mode with uvnc access after reboot.
-Fix SoftwareSas registry from systray (ctrl-alt-del)
-cad with and without auc on Vista and win7
-update installer start server after installation (option)
-Viewer option directX
-If not running as service, the viewer stay open on UAC ( locked) , message on viewer screen
-fix viewer crash on startup

On XP -> boot.ini is changed , added /safemode:network
On Vista >= bcdedit is used to put the system in safemode
when uvnc start in safeboot, boot.ini /safeboot is removed
and bcdedit corrected for normal boot.

Downloads online via webpages
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Re: Release 1095 (stable)

Postby redge » 2010-12-06 21:19

list known bugs

  • winvnc.exe sends black rectangle:
    When I don't send SetScale before FramebufferUpdateRequest, initial black rectangle is not sent.
    When I do (and I need to), it is sent
  • server side scaling before connect, crash vncviewer
  • scaling should be per session, not global
  • CopyRect scaled = ghost pixels if divided by scale factor not integer happen only with mirror driver
  • CopyRect shouldn't be used on layered windows

Thank to antilopa for bug report

known limitations
international keyboard not supported
core winvnc ip change not updated as application (testing 1096beta)
single port sharing not available for http
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