FAQ 1095

FAQ 1095

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2010-11-30 17:54

*Uvnc viewer hang when using encryption plugin.
*Uvnc viewer hang sometimes when using encryption plugin.
Viewer connect OK without plugin.

+viewer and server use different version of plugins

*the configuration of the server or viewer reffer to the original plugin
(like MSRC4Plugin.dsm )
*SecureVNCPlugin.dsm could not be replace during setup, replacement
sheduled for next boot.
-server: check ultravnc.ini, recreate if needed
-viewer also save defaults, even when using the command line, saved defaults and command line options merge. ( use viewer button "delete saved settings"

CAD fail if computer is in domain

I decided to remove this computer from our DOMAIN and try it in a workgroup, guess what?!?! works fine. Has to be something in our group policy...
Domain policy need to allow ""software Secure Attention Sequence"
Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Logon Options
winvnc is unable to change domain options, winvnc can only auto correct
the policy if the pc doesn't use a domain... ( permission)

are the bins missing cad.exe ?

1095 use sas.dll (MS)
On win7 this is native
On Vista this is installed by the installer in folder ultravnc
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Re: FAQ 1095

Postby Martony » 2011-02-28 12:17

Thank you so much for the tip!

I made a GPO and everything works fine.

Be careful, it's not gpmc.msc but gpedit.msc.
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