Screen refresh (Win 7 - 64bit)

Screen refresh (Win 7 - 64bit)

Postby Haral » 2011-01-15 21:04


I have installed v1.0.9.5 on two Win7 64 bits Dell PCs. When remote controlling the remote PC I some time has problems with screen refresh. Next time I connect I may be fine or I have to use the refresh button for each change on the screen. Sorry I have not found any pattern when it is fine or not.

This is really annoying and hopefully somebody have good recommendations?

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Re: Screen refresh (Win 7 - 64bit)

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2011-01-15 21:54

Properties for best performance on win7

[v] Poll Fullscreen
[_] Poll Forground [_] Poll Console Window Only
[_] Poll Window Under Cursor [_] Poll On event Only
[v] System Hookdll
[_] Video driver
[v] Low accuracy

Admin Properties
With this settings you can keep follwing off
[_] Remove Aero
[_] Remove Wallpaper
[_] Capture Alpha-Blending

Remove aero and wallpaper makes it faster, on my server (i7) WIN7 X64 I run it with aero and wallpaper on ( cpu usage 5%) 100MB LAN

For internet access you possible need to remove Aero and the wallpaper
( the efffects generate more data) depending on the Network speed.
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Re: Screen refresh (Win 7 - 64bit)

Postby Haral » 2011-01-16 20:22

Hi Rudi

Thansk for your answer. After updating according to your recomendation i have not have any problems with screen refresh. Thanks alot.

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Re: Screen refresh (Win 7 - 64bit)

Postby Kirk Chapman » 2011-03-24 19:12

Ok, just stumbled upon this thread and I have this same issue across the board with all of our Win 7 64-bit PCs. I applied these settings you stated worked for about 1 minute refresh wise on 1 PC and now I am getting a consistent freezing or a static screen image that never changes but only if I manually hit refresh constantly...and that doesn't always work. I don't see how to attach an image file here and I can't host the image, otherwise I would show you. Basically at best, I get a weird checkerboard image when connected. What is up with this? Is there not a consistent set of settings that will work for Win7 64-bit? This is bad as every new PC we get now is Win7 64-bit!!! Help, help!

Would it matter if we are running Symantec Endpoint protection? Any other potential software conflicts? Thanks for any help!! Just to clarify I have the matching settings selected as in this thread above.
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