Silent unattend install Issues plz help me

Silent unattend install Issues plz help me

Postby slaughterah » 2011-03-02 01:13


Im trying to package or create a batch file for a totally silent install for our machines here. I have created a ini and inf file all works well, although my approach is that i install silently (stopping the autodownload of drivers is yet to be sorted out for me as well) but i then copy over the config file (ultravnc.ini) file to the machine and it has all my settings but not my "confiure ms logon groups" settings these dont seem to be stored in the ini file? Are they stored else where?

Both my issues are stopping us from using this software :( Hope you guys can help me out

PS V1.0.9.5

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Re: Silent unattend install Issues plz help me

Postby bridge » 2011-03-04 13:39

There are lots of ways to approach a silent install. I suggest reading this post, which is what a lot of people utilize:
complete offline installation ultravnc

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