Pb Log + Password in Listem Mode

Pb Log + Password in Listem Mode

Postby pgb00 » 2011-03-11 09:36


When I active Log in version, the winvnc.log grows up quickly. It seems this file is update all 5s and the size of the file grows up.
I use DebugLevel=10
there is this message
vncmenu.cpp: ############ vncMenu: TIMER TrayIcon 5s hack call - Runningasservice
What is this Timer ?
How can i fix it to use normaly the log ?
With Avilog=1, i have no avi, it's normal ?


I have a authentification demand when i use Listenning mod between à server and a viewer with ARC4Plugin.dsm.
There is no demand vith à viewer with ARC4Plugin.dsm


How can i upload the vncland.dll and vnclang_server.dll for french translation ?

Thanks for your help
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Re: Pb Log + Password in Listem Mode

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2011-03-11 10:44

Vnclog usage is for debug purpose. Why do you activate it all time.

Access is logged as system event and in mslogon.log, you don't need to activate the logging for it.

avilog is not compiledis this release, but this would generate even a bigger log as it record the sceen as video.

Listeningmode + plugin:
The plugins on old and new version behave different.

We only tested and support

New server - new viewer (SecureVNCPlugin)
New viewer with old and new server. (SecureVNCPlugin,MSRC4plugin)

It depend on the plugin configuration that a password or not is requested for an invers connection.
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