List Updates/Changes for 2014, please suggest

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Re: List Updates/Changes for 2014, please suggest

Postby dgoiko » 2014-07-22 00:20

It would also be great if the service could maintain 2 or more servers running, preferably with the option to run clients from different folders (or atleast being able to use different config files *).
If I were you I'd create a new section in uvnc.ini called [service] to add the paths and different commandlines (and move there the single config line which currently exists now). It would make things cleaner.

Graphical support to configure this is not needed, we can use the ini file, but if I where you I'd slightly modify the current "edit settings"

*A simple way to implement this is to add a commandline parameter to select a diffetent .ini file. ie: "-configFile uvnc2.ini"
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Re: List Updates/Changes for 2014, please suggest

Postby wrw » 2014-08-20 13:57

When controlling a PC with two monitors at different resolutions, the mouse position can get confused. In my case (a Surface with a monitor connected in extended desktop mode) the mouse pointer appeared further right on the viewer than it actually was (same on both of the "monitors" shown), and at times there were two pointers visible on the viewer. [Clicking "Select Full Desktop/Switch monitor" gave a view of only one screen and the mouse was accurate, but on re-clicking to see both monitors the problem returned.]
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Re: List Updates/Changes for 2014, please suggest

Postby nunoleite » 2014-08-30 10:34


I can see that PCHelpware Viewer is saving settings in an .ini file that is in the user profile.

1. Can you make it portable? For example saving an .ini in the applications folder?

2. In the access_server.exe can it be possible to change the default ports? And of course the server and the viewer?


This is a great solution for remote desktop and helpware solution. Keep up the good work.

Nuno Leite
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Re: List Updates/Changes for 2014, please suggest

Postby vcka » 2014-09-05 08:49

Is there any plans for linux version of access server?
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Re: List Updates/Changes for 2014, please suggest

Postby GentleRV » 2015-03-08 11:56

Dear Rudi,

Maybe already you will know but here some suggestions:

I installed ChunkVNC and like the way the repeater works.
But would like to have:

1) Possibility to install, from the compiled version and on the remote computer, the server (as service) with fixed access code en password.
2) A central management application in where all computer can be managed in groups (sites)
3) Copy and paste from and too the remote site

After install the user will see the access code and must be reminded to write that down, this code can be told or send to the helper
This code will be stored in the central manager and on the server where the repeater is running in case of rebuilding the helper desktop computer.
The central manager running on the helpers desktop PC fetch all access code from the server without password, this password only can be added on the helpdesk PC.
The server and the helpdesk PC with the management console must be able to update, maintain (synchronize) on both side the "phone-book" with access code.
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