How to show single monitor based on connected port

How to show single monitor based on connected port

Postby swalter » 2021-03-22 19:34

Just started using uVNC again after a number of years, but I cannot find a way to configure the server to show a specific monitor based on the port I am connecting to. With all other VNC servers/clients I have used over the years, connecting to computer:590x would display all monitors on the client when x=0, monitor 1 when x=1, monitor 2 when x=2, etc. Is this possible in uVNC, and if so, how can I set it up?

Note, my preference is to be able to do this from any VNC viewer client... I use VNC on my phone a fair amount, and so a proprietary method using only a uVNC client is not ideal.

I did search the forums and documentation, but was not able to find anything specific to this. If I missed something, apologies...

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