force vnc authentication with reverse mode (workaround)

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force vnc authentication with reverse mode (workaround)

Postby redge » 2009-02-01 21:49

SecureVNC can do the same without key (dynamic key)

YY wrote:In reverse mode, the UVNC will not support password auth.

But there is a special situation that you can have password auth under reverse connection:
If you use DSM-Plugin and DON't HAVE THE RC4.KEY file

Because when the RC4.KEY is not available, the DSM-Plugin will try to use a password as the encrption key.
At server side, it will use the UVNC password. At viewer side, it will prompt for one.

So this method only workable on basic VNC Authentication (not MS Logon).

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Re: force vnc authentication with reverse mode (workaround)

Postby Unit_1000 » 2016-09-23 01:07

Hi redge (or anyone who knows),
I would very much like to have UVNC use authentication in reverse mode but can't seem to get it working. Could someone please elaborate on the instructions above.

First, to be clear, I'm assuming that "reverse mode" is having UVNC server setup to connect to my repeater. It is, using a command line to autoreconnect to my repeater.

I then use UVNC viewer to connect to the remote server through the repeater (mode 2) using the ID:#### I setup. I have this configuration setup and working. Now I would very much like to force it to use authentication.

At this point I have now downloaded and installed the DSM-Plugin. It's showing up using EDIT SETTINGS under Encryption. If I click Config, I can actually use the DSM-Plugin. It will generate the PSKEY file that I can transfer to the viewing program and it works. However, I would rather not use it because my Android app doesn't support it.

Can someone please explain further... where is the RC4.KEY file that your supposed to remove??
What do I do now to force authentication, please explain?

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