Win7 PC SC Connect To Linux PC - Black Screen Problem

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Win7 PC SC Connect To Linux PC - Black Screen Problem

Postby redge » 2010-11-23 19:35

ssvnc works perfectly and all is well.

Advise for others attempting to connect Linux and Windows 7 (that is view a Win7 PC on a Linux PC).

UltraVNC SC (Single Click) Win7 version (bottom one on the SC creator page) works well connecting to ssvnc on Linux.


1. Port Forwarding on router, make sure the router the Linux PC is connected to is forwarding port 5500 correctly.

2. Linux firewall, if running, make sure port 5500/tcp is allowed in.

3. Win7 firewall, make sure that UltraVNC SC exe file is added so it can send and receive data.

4. Initially at least skip encryption till working, add later if required.

5. When starting UltraVNC SC on the Win7 PC if you get the "This program might not have installed correctly" dialog box, simply select the "The program installed correctly" option (and tick 'do not display again' if you wish to avoid being asked every time).

6. I wasted a lot of time trying to get Vinagre to work, ssvnc worked perfectly. Start ssvnc, choose options, select 'No Encryption', select 'Reverse VNC Connection', then click on 'Listen'. The 'listening window' will now be displayed - at this point the connection can be initiated from the Win7 PC using UltraVNC SC.

7. Sample bare-bones helpdesk.txt file for uploading in a zip to the SC creator page, nothing else is required in the zip. Obviously the IP address must be entered. will tell you the IP address for the Linux PC.

My full helpdesk.txt file is here (IP removed): ... emoved.txt

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