Windows 7 x86 Mirror Driver Windows Security Popup

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Windows 7 x86 Mirror Driver Windows Security Popup

Postby redge » 2011-02-19 04:28

Windows 7 x86 Mirror Driver Windows Security Popup

Windows 7x86, Administrator, UAC is disabled.

When installing uvnc mirror Driver, I get a popup window:

Windows Security
Would you like to install this device software?
Name: UVNC BVBA Display adapters
Publisher: uvnc bvba

Is there a way to install the driver without the window from popping up?
I am trying to automate the install of the mirror driver.

Using gpedit is not an option since it requires having to touch the machine.

It's possible by importing first the uvnc certificat by certutil
Then you can install the driver without pupop.

google for
certutil.exe -addstore "TrustedPublisher" mycert.cer
The cert can be extracted from the winvnc exe.

open the Certificates MMC and then find the certificate and export it.
add it to the installation script before the actual installation.

Question from: cloq
solutions from: Rudi De Vos and dyehardfan
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