Actually getting started

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Actually getting started

Postby Cox-Hooker » 2012-07-10 18:06

I have installed VNC Server and viewer. Now what?
I am Vista 32, sp2.
I could go on reading stuff for ever, but the sensible approach would for me to be directed towards some sort of guide that understands that 20 min ago, before I came across UltraVNC I had never heard of it, and that I was drawn to it because it offered remote access to other PC's. Great. Trouble is most of the FAQ's I have read go from ABC to rocket surgery in two sentences. I am picking this up so slowly and unsurely that it is becoming a real bore. I have looked at the Admin properties, I have no idea what most of it means. I seem to have picked up in passing that the remote PC needs to have the UltraVNC server installed? Does it? The beginners section is full of people who must be in the Freemasons or something and have found out the things I can't, by use of a secret handshake or the production of an apron.
Where, how, why not etc. can't I find a guide that says, "You do this, you do that etc. etc."?
I dread to think how many people have uninstalled this through having no idea whatsoever what to do or where to look.
At this point, someone who knows what to do will either
Offer to help
Give scant advice in an irritated fashion
Block me

Thanks anyhow.

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