Win10 Server running as application

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Win10 Server running as application

Postby andrewk89 » 2016-04-07 00:36

Short version: if I manually start the UVNC Server service on Windows 10 x64, I cannot access it from a client. The client VNC Viewer of the same version reports "Server closed connection - The server running as application."

Details: Using UltraVNC x64. It is set up to run as a service and works correctly. Sometimes I use the server locally; sometimes I access the server from another computer on my LAN with the UVNC viewer.

Several times I noticed that if I close the client and start using the server locally, the UVNC icon in the system tray is still colored yellow. List all Clients shows the client IP address (even though it's powered off) and I am unable to kill it. Kill All Clients doesn't work - no errors either. So I stop the service. This happens quite a lot - maybe 50% of the time.

Before getting up from the server, I re-start the UVNC service. After doing this, I can't access it with a client. I have to reboot the server before I can access it from a client again.

Plain vanilla install. No encryption. No MSLogon. No Java. Using the matching viewer. Only set a VNC Authentication password.
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Re: Win10 Server running as application

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2016-04-07 20:33

Try if server/viewer behave better.

This issue was already reported, but we have trouble repeating it. When an icon stay yellow, then the winvnc.exe deadlocked and prevent the service from restarting . In we tied to fix issue's that could cause it, but as we can't repeat the issue in lab we are not able to tell if it's fixed or not.

There are also reports that the auto encoder selection isn't working 100%, try if manual selecting an encoder ( viewer option) makes it more stable.
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