UVNC Viewer not connecting to UltraVNC-SC - help please

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UVNC Viewer not connecting to UltraVNC-SC - help please

Postby RustyC » 2016-05-24 15:16

Hi - first post to this forum, hope someone can help.
I'm not exactly a newbee - I have been using UltraVNC-SC for many years, so my current issue has me stumped.
The assemblage of my UVNC-SC build, that I send to people for support, and my viewer has fallen into disuse since for some time now it hasn't worked
The issue is :
The connection between a remote PC using UltraVNC-SC and local PC running UltraVNC viewer isn't formed to the point of being able to use it. Previous experience is that during the incoming connection to the viewer, the viewer will pop a dialog notifying the presence of the incoming and requiring acknowledgement to proceed - this is just not happening.
> Running Wireshark at both ends simultaneously sees identical network traffic consisting of about 5 TCP packets (like a connection setup including Acks), and a VNC packet quoting the Server protocol version, and that's all. These traces are available if required.
-ie the Host DynDNS resolve is correct, router portings are correct.
> The UVNC-SC applet has been reformed with a current build (Feb 2015 portal). Helpdesk.txt, and all other items checked ok.
> The UVNC Viewer versions,,, and have all be sequentially installed and tested - with no joy.
> The PC running the Viewer is WinXP 32bit (yes I know...the end is nigh). I have in the past rebuilt the SC distro and been able to support Win7 machines.
> Also Windows Firewall, and the AV suite (Trend Micro), are both Off.

I have been bashing at it for hours and with no joy forthcoming I am getting a mite frustrated.
I'm hoping somebody can shed light on a fix ... please ?
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Re: UVNC Viewer not connecting to UltraVNC-SC - help please

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2016-05-24 16:38

On the download page (SC) you also have a copy of the original viewer we used when SC was created.
Download viewer+plugin
http://www.uvnc.com/downloads/single-cl ... loads.html

This way you are sure that the encryption plugin , SC and viewer are 100% compatible. ( just to avoid that some new viewer settings make sc unusable)

The sc exe are just 7zip sfx files.
If you have 7zip installed ( sourceforge) you can extract the sc.exe in a folder and manual run winvnc.exe to test SC and helpdesk.txt settings.
Rudi De Vos
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Admin & Developer
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Re: UVNC Viewer not connecting to UltraVNC-SC - help please

Postby coffeverton » 2017-02-13 13:10

I'm also having the same issue.
Did you get any solution?

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